A collection of Erotic Art from the turn of the 19th to 20's Century

stunningly beautiful, full of tease and emotions.

Chimoit "Les Poesies de Meleangre" 1926

Found in an art book store in Milan, Italy. An absolutely stunning collection of 15 stone prints on Japanese paper (very rare), with artist's proofs of every color layer, some revealing secret artist's side etchings. We made ultra high scans, optimized them for best printing quality and make the available to you printed in super high resolution on museum quality paper.

"La Legende Des Sexes" 1886
Dark and sinful edgings, book found at an art dealer in London.
Amazing that it didn't get burned or destroyed by someone.

Martin van Maele circa 1895


Erotic Alphabet circa 1880

André Collot circa 1930

Franz von Bayros circa 1908

Gaston Barret "Justine / Marquis De Sade" circa 1900

More Erotic Art from the early 1900's


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